about me

♡ hai im lizzy ♡ im the webmaster of nyaa ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ ) u can also just call me nyaa if u want. i go by any pronouns bc i don't really care what people assume i am on neocities. i am a 20 yr old college student studying illustration and doing web design on the side! i also like to collect cute things and have an extensive collection of sanrio, vocaloid, san-x, chiikawa, & madoka magica! on top of that i also like creepy old jrpg style horror and like basing my art around that (when im not drawing anime girls...............) i am also a leo and everytime i take the 16p test i get infp-t or enfp-t! i don't know anything abt astrology or typology but i know these things are fun to know~

my favorite things

shows/movies:ちいかわ, pmmm, jjk, mlp, adventure time, fionna and cake, death note, rilakkuma to kaoru-san, ponyo, the secret life of walter mitty
games: minecraft, miitomo, tomodachi life, d4dj, undertale, deltarune, portal series, yume nikki, ddlc, lsd dream emulator, animal crossing, sonic adventures 2, the sims

music: carly rae jepsen, kero kero bonito, bo en, the scary jokes, anri, junko yagami, mariya takeuchi, yukika, REOL, HARMOE, vocaloid (mitchie m, giga, pinocchio-p, wowaka, kira), k-pop (billlie, (g)i-dle, f(x)) game ost(mc, yume nikki, lsd dream emulator, d4dj)

favorite charas

chiikawa, hachiware (ちいかわ), natsuki (ddlc), yuka sasago jennifer, ibuki niijima (d4dj),

ciel phantomhive

bb is ass but hes unfortunately been my baba since 2010

(bb), madoka, homura (pmmm), hello kitty, wish me mell, kuromi, my melody, my sweet piano (sanrio), korilakkuma (san-x),

hanji zoe (aot)

aot is also ass but transgenderism too epic

rarity, applejack, twilight sparkle (mlp)

☆lizzy ʚ♡ɞ

20 yrz❤⃛whiteany prns
leo(7.25) + e/infp-t + 4w5


feeling: The current mood of 8888 at www.imood.com
eating: red peppers
watching: fma:bh
dreaming: not much

find me^.^

twitter: @rzhlii

mal: @888call

mfc: @888call

discord: please ask