welcome 2 NYAA, my name is lizzy and this website serves as my personal art project. . . i put pretty much anything i am interested up on this site, so it's hard for me to describe exactly what it is!

i am a full-time college student studying illustration, and i do website design in my spare time! i am mostly self-taught and have only recently taken up a few webdev classes to help solidify my workflow. . . despite this i am relatively a free-form 'designer' doing whatever i can think of!

please note ♥︎ nyaa updates irregularly. some pages are unfinished, broken, or lack updates- please mind the mess! if u believed u've encountered an issue on the site feel free to send me a message! other than than i hope u enjoy ur travels through my little web-home. ^^
update 9/29! - front page still lags a lot... even with reduced drop-shadows... maybe its the graphics lol? *rips hair out*
にやー version 5.3 running with ♥︎
2024年1月17日 happy new year! just updating format somehow i screwed up my own date system thx to whoever pointed it out........all the other entries are correct except two so idk where i goofed up
2023年9月29日 updated carmens shrine! microblog added as well.. ummm i also switched a lot of index images from discord to my neocities, hopefully itll reduce lag?
2023年9月18日 lots to do... considering making a microblog on top of my journal.. i just dont want to feel pressured to write such longform entries!
2023年8月30日 added my oc page and working on filling out their pages. ive also made the decision to remove my "favorite sites" marquee. after taking many breaks from neocities and coming back, ive noticed many of my mutuals have either deactivated or stopped updating entirely. its very sad for me since i adored many of their works!! T_T but.. maybe one day the marquee will return. when i can be bothered to collect more buttons.
2023年8月11日 woah... we've had a lot of updates since feburary... i just forgot to write them! LOL enjoy
2023年2月23日 first update in the year.. in... late febuary [sad face] but hopefully back on track! hi everypony! who was gonna tell me i had duplicate stamps?
2022年11月15日 REDID THE WHOLLE PAGE UGHHH I HATE EVERUTJIGNG jk i think its cute i wanted a cozy little layout for winter. ALSO IM ON THE FRONT PAGE OF NC??? hi evrroyne
2022年11月7日 omg we are back bitches... sorry, i update the sie quite frequently but just feel lazy to put an entry LOLLL
2022年10月4日 halloween update is live... or should i say UNDEAD?!!! is it too soon?! >w<
2022年10月1日 front page change again~~ just a bit more improvement!
2022年9月18日 eek its been a long time hasnt it?! summer flew by! redid the front page, slowly working on updating most other pages too!!
2022年5月13日 first year of college over... time to spend all my time in html world.. well.. idk how i feel about this new layout, but it was hard looking at the old one when it got copied and stuff. if thats overdramatic then so be it- it just kind of felt UGLY!
2022年5月2日 wooh...not much progress. im out of ideas. mostly working on the other site tbh- maybe ill put a link for it here
2022年4月22日 added garden u can find it by clicking 'stickers'. i should probably streamline the names of all the links, but idk
2022年4月20日 added computer check it out meow
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^_^ oops... if ur seeing this i forgot to put something here... or it will be here soon!
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NOTICE: i do not consent to my code being copied or stolen. feel free to be inspired by my site but do not heavily reference my code for your own site! find similar graphics i use on my sticker page
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