Carmen is a Rabbit Villager with the Peppy Personality. Her birthday is January 6th and her catchphrase is "Nougat"! Her favorite colors are brown, beige, and green. Her favorite song is K.K. Reggae, and her coffee preference is Blue Moutain with lots of milk and three spoonfuls of sugar. Her goal is to become a movie director!

I met Carmen in 2017 on Happy Home Designer, and after I found her so cute I put her in my hacked New Leaf town! She's been in my towns ever since.
Blue Retro Shirt
Mint Gingham Tee
(Sweet Plaid) Plaid-Print Dress

very cute!

Carmen is based off mint chocolate! Her Japanese name is 'チョコ' which means Choco, and her catchphrase, "nougat", is refrence to the confectionary treat. In New Leaf and HHD, Carmen sports the 'Mint Gingham Tee'.
In Happy Home Designer and Paradise, her request is 'A Chocolate Overload' which will unlock the 'Box of Chocolates' and 'Chocolate Cake' (HHD) items for the player if they have not already unlocked them.
In Pocket Camp, to invite her to your campsite you must gift her a Chocolate Cake and three pieces of brown, modern furniture. Upon reaching friendship level 15, she wil gift the player a Chocolate Fountain! She was also heavily featured during the 'Choco-Mint Scavenger Hunt' in 2019 for the game.
In ACNH, Carmen's references were toned down as bit- but the flooring used for her interior is the 'Mint Dot Flooring' and the flavor of the popscicle she carries is chocolate!

-Carmen appears in offical art like City Folk Offical Artwork (Fall Ver.), and can be seen on the cover of K.K. March.
-Carmen used to be the name of a mouse villager. However she was later replaced by rabbit Carmen. Good ridance!
Moved in? NL✓ PC✓ ACNH✓
Obtained photo? NL✓ PC✓ACNH✓✓
Birthdays celebrated? (3)
Hung out? MANY TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Obtained Amiibo Card? Yes
Lol.. im deranged- this is stuff like from my island

WELL SHES A QUIRKY GIRLLL WHAT CAN I SAY? Being Peppy I see her obviously really being into music! She's a girlboss on the grindset. Best friends with Tammy and Renée! (and ME ofc heh) She's a bit mischevious in my opinion, hanging out with her uchi girls they can get rowdy- and that rubs off on her! She's also a bit tempermental- not always- but can get agitated when she's not working towards her goals for a long period of time. To my Uchi's, she's like a little gremlin creature incapable of inflicting any real damage- but to my Lazys, Rowan and Sasha, she can be a real nightmare! Francine, my Snooty, get's into arguments with her often- I believe Francine is much older than Carmen, and see's her behavior as carefree and naive- and Carmen doesn't take well to the lecturing. My other.. 'elders' Butch and Celia, who are Cranky and Normal respectively, find her endearing! Her bright attitude and energy are welcomed by them, as I believe they live pretty mundane lives at home. Lot's of reading and sitting in their rocking chairs. (ok like i don't think theyre old old, maybe in their 40s-50s LOLL) Petri is our newest addition, but I think she keeps to herself too much to really interact with Carmen. Marshall I like to believe is like... a young child and he hates her. LOL. Anways I also think she's also into yoga and video games! She's pretty bad at video games though and gives up easily.. there's way more bc im an unwell person but i'll keep this a WIP for now..

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