Frequently Asked Questions

how did you learn to code?

i was already pretty familiar with html through experiencing sites like tumblr and deviantart, which i spent countless hours on as a kid! after i felt bored of dealing with pre-written code through templates on those sites i looked for other alternatives. i spent time on carrd and toyhouse all of which were pretty much paywalled for the real css experience, so i left and joined neocities. i spent hours going back and forth between w3school and reddit searching "how to make a div html" "how to add rounded borders css" "how to add custom cursor" and yeah u get the point! it really opened my eyes to how easy it is to just pick up a new skill!

where do you get your graphics/images?

from all over the web! some might call it mindless but i spend several hours a day hoarding graphics. ive been doing it for some years now! i've also stockpiled a nice list of websites i visit regularly, as well as some of my favorite graphics which you can find on my sticker book! please take a look if you like the graphics you see here. id ask that you don't go digging through my css, because i also spend countless hours editing graphics for my personal use. i provide most of my images and websites on my stickerbook that i want to share so please look there instead^.^

can you help me with my website?

yes and no! i'm always accepting questions about html/css through my comment box, but if you need additional help i'd prefer sending me an email! please note that i am quite forgetful and not always checking my neocities or email, so response time can vary from a few hours to weeks!
as for website commissions, i'm currently unavailable for those!


ill add more when i remember ^_^