NOTE: kuroshitsuji used to be pretty awful media-it's turned around in the last few years but it still has that reputation- im aware of this! i watched this series as a middle schooler. i don't condone yana , she's weird

while writing this i realized that a video i was going to show here has been privated so whoops... basically it was an indepth anaylsis on grell and the complex history of her representation. now im just going to talk about what i think instead LOL. should i be looking to a ex-unashamed sh*uta c*n bait for trans representation- no. as a child did i understand the moral wrongs of consuming said media- also no. i just knew grell was a trans person and dealing with a community that didn't know how to respectfully treat her. 6 years later in 2021 i found a video that laid out all the evidence and discussed her indepth- including discussion on the failings of not only the community but the author herself (a lot of evidence was kept out of the anime/eng manga) and how present kuroshitsuji does a much better job of respectfully handling her story as well as developing itself into an actual tolerable piece of work. from what ive seen the vid has really transformed the discussion of grell and majority of people that i see online agree with it. i guess the brief tik-tok revival also helped. so i caught up with the manga bc all hopes of a film adaption are probably dead and it was OK. much better than what it used to be but i still feel uncomfortable knowing it's continiously marketed as a sh*uta c*n piece despite it straying away. i love grell tho regardless cuz she's boss
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