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hello..all... im embarrassingly crawling back to my journal page. i promise to use it more! also i changed the layout again.basically just cut my oc page in half and used it ^_^ well, life changed a lot since my last update as it's almost been a year. i had a pretty ok past few months and my trip went well! yes, again im missing an entry for now THREE international trips. . . gulp.well just like last year here are customary images of my new desk layout!

it's still super 'cluttered' right now(more than i hoped) so i need to invest in a bigger shelf soon x-) im super happy i found a bunch of cute hello kitty plushies in japan. red is not one of my favorite colors so i often avoid purchasing hello kitty items since they tend to be very red. so whenever she gets a pink colorway i can't help myself! i can't wait to do a full room tour page one day, just cuz i have so much stuff lying around!

also my hachiware and chiikawa nendo's finally arrived! i pre-ordered them for my birthday and they were supposed to come in december but they got delayed, so they just showed up! look at them

i had a heart attack and a half when dealing with them, good smile shipped them through UPS and for some reason they can never get my address right and end up miles away from me. i am insanellyyyy lucky to have whoever keeps getting my mail to drop it off since ups can't be bothered, so they did end showing up after like a day!! i am still waiting for usagi to arrive, since i didn't buy them i got them from a friend! i have NO space on my desk though if you can see poor sayaka being sidelined until i find a spot to put all my madokas together...

well my iceland entry is almost done and im sooo serious this time so ill be uploading that soon(?!) bye now