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   ✦ Junpei Yoshino is a side character in Jujutsu Kaisen. He is a high-schooler who was born with the ability to see curses which regular people cannot see, because of this he feels seperated from his peers. He was also the target of physical harassment and bullying and often avoids going to school all together. He loves movies and the horror genre and bonds with Yuji Itadori over this shared interest. He was severely manipulated by Mahito, a curse, who granted Junepi the ability to use jujutsu. Junpei is able to summon the shikigami which he named 'Moon Dregs'
(澱月 / おりづき)

   ✦ I LOVE JUNPEI SO MUCH- I accidentally didn't finish his entire arc before I met him and thought he would be a reoccuring character (plus the intro literally had in him so yeah i fell for that too haha) Imagine my reaction when he literally dies on screen..awkward (HEARTBROKEN!!!!) I really wish I lived in an alternate world where he was still alive !!!! All the bait showing us him being friends and going to school a Jujutsu High. He deserved happiness (/__,u,\) Here is my collection!! ↓

All of these were gifted to me by my friends!!
Maybe I'll put headcanons or something here one day- im just too embarrassed to write it all down > ____<
but thanks for reading!
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