*whenever i feel like it lawl
Lizzys Workshop! ♪
here are some F2U layouts i made!
i hope this can help anyone who wants to
start doing HTML and CSS but find it
a little overwhelming!
(please read before taking~)

1. codes are free to use
2. all codes contain my watermark in their comments- others may display the credit directly on the page itself. if it is there do not remove it as those layouts are likely to be more complex and take longer~~
3. otherwise, u may modify the code however u please!
IMPORTANT: i do not consent to my codes being used by freaks. please refer to my dni list before using. i do not wish to support those ideas w/ my work so pls fuck off
i am no where close to a css/html "professional" im entirely self taught! so if my code is a bit weird i am sorry LOL.. if u have any comments or concerns please leave them in my cbox on my front page ^o^