Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Carmen is my favorite villager from Animal Crossing! I started playing Happy Home Designer in 2017, which is how I became aware of Carmen after I renovated her house! I'm not sure what initially drew me to her, as she was a pretty early client in my game so I had little to decorate with and didn't spend long on her home. I just remember looking at her standing around, watching me place furniture and thinking to myself "Wow... she's super cute!" Since that day she's become my favorite villager, and lives in my New Leaf and New Horizons towns, and in my Pocket Camp campsite!

All About Carmen!

Species 🐇Rabbit
Personality Peppy
Gender Girl
Catchphrase " nougat "
Birthday January 6th
Debut City Folk

us in her hhd house in 2017

same day, exterior of the house

winter 2021

fall 2021

us celebrating halloween 2020!

fall 2020

august 2020

summer 2020

move in day april 2020!

us under a double rainbow! i wish my eyes were open lolol - 2020

april 2020.. messing with the filters!

random pc pic.. 2019 i think? we are so cute!

hanging out on harvs island!

early pic of us together in my acnl town! 2018

august 2019... art i made! >_<


Emphasis on the Chocolate!


A fun fact about Carmen is that she's actually themed after Mint Chocolate! While I don't directly consider her a 'Food' Villager (like Merengue, Tangy, Zucker, etc...) she's got a lot of connections to the dessert! Her Japanese name is 'チョコ' or Choco, which I think is fitting due to her distinct brown ears and body! In HHD and NL, she sports a 'Mint Gingham Tee' and her HHD and ACPC requests are "A Chocolate Overload"! Upon completing her requests, the player will earn the Box of Chocolate item (ACPC) or the Chocolate Cake item (HHD),if they haven't unlocked them already. In ACPC, to invite her to your campsite you must gift her a Chocolate Cake and three pieces of brown, modern furniture. Upon reaching friendship level 15, she will request the player craft a Chocolate Fountain! She was also heavily featured in the 'Choco-Mint Scavenger Hunt' in 2019 for ACPC! Additionally, a quote on her ACPC profile reads " Carmen read recently in Ms. Nintendique that Scandinavian colors are in this year and that mint-chocolate ice cream is out. "SO true," she murmured." That may be why in ACNH, her references are toned down a bit- however there are still some! In her base home layout, she has the 'Mint Dot Flooring' and in the summertime can be seen carrying a chocolate popsicle!

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