I recently picked up Miitomo again! I played this game a lot as a middle schooler (..?) and have vivid happy memories of dressing up my Mii and chatting with friends! I didn't stick to it avidly through out it's entire existence (mainly undownloading it from time to time for disk space) but after Nintendo announced it would be ending services in 2018 I was distraught!!

I have always really liked the existence of Mii's and their games, while I never got around to picking up Miitopia I was obsessed with Tomodachi Life and spent countless hours in that game.. (I'll probably even go ahead and add some of my progress on this page some time in the future..!) I can't tell you how sad it makes me that Mii's and the iconic designs of the Wii era are slowly being left behind by Nintendo. While I'm sure Mii's won't be going anywhere any time soon (and am still holding out for a new Tomodachi Life release..) they were one of my favorite things Nintendo ever made, so it's sad to see them get less recognition as time goes on!

Finding out I could still play Miitomo in 2024 made me ecstatic! I was shocked to see that there was still a community (although somewhat small) that had been working on reviving the game since it shut down. While progress has slowed, it's still fully functional with only occasional bugs. I'm used to fumbling around with tutorials for hours on most things, and Miitomo was no different, but I finally got it to work! I'm looking forward to dressing up my Mii and taking Miifotos!!