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I grew up a Sanrio kid! My first memories of Sanrio are watching Hello Kitty Paradise on VHS and DVD and going to the Sanrio Smiles Store with my mom! She gave me this book called Hello Kitty Everything which was a catalog of Sanrio merchandise throughout it's history. A page in it contained a picture of someone's room which was covered floor to cieling in Hello Kitty, I was so jealous! I think Sanrio is a major foundation who I am today LOL.... Once I had access to the internet I was all over youtube watching Sanrio videos and AMV tributes.. I discovered Onegai My Melody and SanrioTown.com and, I also played a variety of total knock-off Flash games on those girlgogames sites or whateva- and once we finally got a Nintendo Wii- I played Hello Kitty Seasons like crazy. Eventually I was able to find a playthrough of Hello Kitty Roller Rescue- but it's still on my bucket list to play it one day! I also discovered Puroland- the Sanrio theme-park in Japan- through videos online.

Unfortunately I started to feel a bit indifferent from my peers as I got older, I was an undiagnosed Neurodivergent trying to fit in. I felt like I needed to leave Sanrio behind in order to be 'grown-up' (I was 10 LOL) like my classmates and was going through a bit of an emo phase in middle-school. I can't recall being all that involved with anything Sanrio during that time. It was sad! But after surviving the hellpit called Junior High, I was thrown into Summer School for High School (mandatory-but also I suck at school)- during some random Lockdown (I live in the US) I was on my phone and I just started watching Sanrio Puroland videos. I think this is where it all went wrong (but good) again. I think if I would have to pick THE hyperfixation of my hyperfixations- it's Sanrio. I went crazy. I had a part-time job ..ish.. drawing commissions for people on Deviantart and every penny I recieved I would spend on Sanrio.


a collection of sanrio videos i have gathered over the years!

personal favorites

「 メルのサンリオかわいいおぼえうた 」is really good!
Wish Me Mell sings about sanrio characters- including lesser known ones!
If you're interested in seeing them, check it out!

chuchupachu is actually a great source of older sanrio performances and they have been posting for years !
unfortunately- many puroland videos from my collection before 2020 are lost due to offical Youtube account being deleted and remade. I'm still looking for: Sanrio 50TH Anniversary Song, Miracle Gift Parade Christmas, and the Puroland opening performance song!

Here are some full recordings links. Most are about 30 minutes long.

May 2016 Miracle Gift Parade Miracle Gift Parade recording with English subtitles.
Mom Loves Me After All- Hello Kitty and Friends Minifilm, makes me cry ugly tears.






i'm glad sanrio is being introduced(and re-introduced) to many people-the recent (2019) rebirth of sanrio due to tik-tok has cultivated many new and young fans. while sanrio has always been for all ages, majority of the US community was dominated by older women who were primarely interested in hello kitty, aggretsuko and gudetama! so kuromi was not easy to find for US merchandise. there was virtually 0 pieces of merch of her supplied by licensed resellers and most online finds are shipped directly from japan. now, when i see kuromi sold all over stores like hot topic it feels like a dream! im glad she has been so comericalized and her new popularity was definently needed!

*offers you this*

here are some kuromi songs. yes i know the otomelody is overplayed (i have my own gripe with how tiktok has dealt with sanrio despite my positive comments earlier) please take a listen if you like that song! Junko Takeuchi has a beautiful voice and i'm so happy kuromi is becoming her own idol (yes! idol!) she deserves all the views- i hope she comes out with more songs soon! i have linked the music video- but there is an extended version up on youtube! kuromi no yume wa itsu hiraku is my personal favorite. poor kuromi-sama!!!!!! T_T and baku is so funny lol- i love their silly friendship. also check out the instrumental version of otomelody, it has pretty background vocals that are harder to hear over kuromi-sama's beautiful voice!

my collection

will add real pics later ~~~~~