"This has to be closest to The Greatest Moments, no?"

" The beloved VJ from the hit DJ-unit, Peaky P-key! Yuka is described as the "Heart and Soul" of Peaky, always energized and friendly. She specializes in Bodybuilding, but also loves Photography and being a Personal Trainer! "


December 5th
166 cm
Second Year
Koizumi Moeka

♡ Yuka is my favorite character from the game D4DJ, a gacha/rhythm game I was introduced to in November of 2021 through my oomfie zantids! Since then I have been pretty much obsessed with her and have spent an unreasonable amount of money on her T_T She really is just one of my favorite characters of all time~ ♡

♡ I fumbled through a handful of 'favorites' before landing on Yuka. I usually like more serious (aka emo..) or cute 'pink' characters, so I'm not sure what drew me to Yuka initially. She was just so silly I think that she really stood out to me! I have a tendency to unknowingly go after less popular characters, much to my utter despair.... Yuka is in a pretty popular unit, but she continuously ranks lowest on a lot of community polling and I can just tell by the lack of other fans I have to interact with about her..This has (somewhat) improved since my first introduction to D4DJ but the game is also losing popularity rapidly so it's kind of a trade off..

♡ I've drawn Yuka so many times..... she is probably the one character I've done the most fan-art for out of anything I've ever drawn!

Yuka and her birthday cupcake



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Gray : Unowned / Yellow: Unavailable for EN
I'm not too focused on getting a 'full album', just because a lot of the cards I'm missing are limited/collabs that I really don't feel strongly about T_T especially her horrific 2nav