if ur seeing this.. GO AWAY ITS STILL A WIP!!


NOTE: NONE of these videos are autoplay however ive found that a lot of them
play louder than my set youtube volume, so be warned when clicking on them.

i love vocaloid so much its unreal
tbh i can't even remember the exact age i got into vocaloid. i had to be like 7 or 8 years old. the first videos that come to mind when i think about it are probably triple baka or teto territory...... vocaloid is such a big part of my life atp its insane. i am not super into newer releases but the old ones hold such a place in my heart! i used to watch a ton of old MMD videos over the years and tried to get into it but it was way to complicated for me at the time.
i don't interact much with the vocaloid community so im not sure of the terminology nor many of the ways that vocaloid songs are produced, so sorry if i just don't make sense.

my favorite vocaloid is miku for her voice and design, but gumi is a close second. there are just so many more miku songs that i listen to rather than gumi, but overall i enjoy gumi's voice more than mikus.. i really love all the main vocaloids as well as teto who i get is an utau but ok lets be honest nobody really gaf about the distinction ok so lets just pretend shes a vocaloid. rin is next on my list for her adorable design and voice, then luka who is so pretty can we get married please

my favorite vocaloid producer is mitchie m who's known for songs like Viva Happy, Ai Dee and Oheda Julia Night. i don't know much about him personally i just really enjoy his music and all the music videos he makes are super cute. the way he tunes(i think) miku is my personal favorite. i actually discovered him through a fan-animation of his song Ai Dee!

my favorite songs from him are Freely Tomorrow, Ai Dee, and Seraphim on the Ring!


i actually prefer to listen to a lot of live performances of songs rather than the direct audio.. i think it's the combination of the live instruments and crowd cheering that really amplifies the listening experience. while a lot of the time the choreography can be stiff i love watching the animation and the cute interactions that happen sometimes. my favorite performance dance-wise is the iconic 'miku' by anamanguchi. unfortunately the original recording that went viral is gone and i can't find it but this is the exact same preformance just from someone else, lol
the super fun part starts at 2:33 if u have never seen this before!

my other general favorites include Hibikase x Echo (NicoNico 2015) and Remote Control (MM 2017)!


my favorite series(or whatever) is the Bad End Night series which could have a whole other shrine dedicated to it. it's also a manga which i have the first volume of, but most of my knowledge stems from the comments and watching the videos for the music. if ur interested in creepy and despairing, never-ending, constantly repeating timelines, then u should check it out here!