frequently asked questions

→ where did you learn to code? endlessly scrolling through w3school, living on deviantart and tumblr for most of my childhood and teens

→ can you help me with my website? if you have a simple question feel free to ask me in my comment box, if u want some more indepth help send me an email with the address provided. please be aware that i am very happy to help but i go through periods where i do not check my neocities or mailbox so response time might take a while!
**i am not available for website commissions atm**

→ where did you get your graphics? atm my sticker book (my graphics page) is down due to the discord links issue! i'm working on fixing it~


please avoid taking my graphics from my code, i edit them for my personal use which is a lengthy process! i link all my sources on my graphics page so i encourage you to pick them from the original sources!^^


→ accessibility concerns i am (very slowly) working on accessibility issues on my website. i did not consider accessible design when i first created many of the pages on nyaa because i did not expect them to reach such a wide audience and prioritized my own creative vision over readability. nyaa is in the middle space of web design where i don't think my pages are overly eye straining or gif-heavy but i would still like to implement alternative text and gif pausing. i also want to adjust some of my pages for smaller desktop screens and (maybe) firefox users. i will probably never format nyaa for mobile devices since i don't want it to be used in that way. some pages (like my yamos pages) are the most inaccessible and will probably not be modified as they are more like my art than an actual functional webpage.

→ is your website sfw? i believe that my website is safe for most ages. the only 'problem pages' might come from more personal pages like my art page, journal, and oc pages. all of which might contain triggering/heavy/suggestive content. at the moment i host no 18+ images and never intend on putting straight up nsfw on my page. at the very most my suggestive art might contain pinups or something mild! i also dont host any images like that atm but if i do theyll be censored.

→ miku questions i made my button several years ago, my website had much more of an older web vibe that i have somewhat strayed away from due to my interests. back then miku was heavily featured on my site in the forms of gifs and images, which is why she is my button mascot as well as my shortcut icon for the majority of my pages. ^_^ now im not even sure i have a pic of her anywhere! i still love miku so i have no desire to change it but it is definitely outdated and im slowly working on creating newer buttons!

buttons / other nyaa stuff

→☆feel free to use these ^_^ i am working on a page for my neighbors and affiliates soon ☆~